Sales Person Future Value (SFV)

We define SFV as the netpresent value of future cash flows from a salesperson’s customers after accounting for the cost of developing motivating and retaining the Rep.

Failing to forecast a salesperson’s future value can lead to costly misallocation of training and incentive dollars. Worse, it can allow undervalued but top-flight salespeople to slip through your fingers and into competitor’s arms – taking valuable customers with them.

3 Steps to boost SFV

  • Calculate future profits from a salesperson’s customers and then subtract the cost of the rep’s traning and incentives.
  • We use statistical techniques to quantify the effects of traning and incentives on each Rep’s future Value.
  • Sort the sales force into training-driven and incentive-driven reps and tailor instruction and rewards for each type
  • The intelligent SFV App (context-aware) will be integrated with leading platforms like Salesforce and will make predictions for and recommendations for actions based on Rep’s role and location.